Zimbabwe installs solar energy storage unit

Image: Asphalt Products

The Standard Association of Zimbabwe has installed a 194 kilowatt system with battery storage to provide an uninterrupted power supply to its central administration building.
Commissioned and installed by IBC SOLAR South Africa – a subsidiary of the German system provider for photovoltaic and energy storage, the plant will be connected to a battery storage unit with a usable capacity of 200 kWh.
With most of the country’s power generated by burning wood and coal, the new system will save 270 tonnes of CO2 annually, which will protect the environment.

Last month, the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Joram Gumbo, revealed the governments plans to adopt an energy mix-based tariff structure.
With solar power representing only 1 percent of the country’s energy supply, the tariff will consider all forms of energy in order to address the energy shortages.

Source: https://africaoilandpower.com/2018/11/23/zimbabwe-installs-solar-energy-storage-unit/