Scenic View from Kigali City Tower / Photographer: © Gwendolyn Stansbury/ IFPRIS

Rwanda is set for the development of a model green city in Kigali by January 2020. This city which will have clean technologies, electric vehicles, electric bicycle and motorcycle lanes, renewable energy, sustainable waste treatment, biogas plants, urban forests, among others is said to be bringing Wakanda into reality.

“The estate will also have mini-factories with clean technologies, affordable housing, integrated craft production centres. We are conducting a study to estimate the jobs that will be created based on how the residents of the area generate income,” said  Eudes Kayumba, Deputy Team Leader of the Green City Pilot project .

The city, the first ever green city project in Africa estimated to cost $5billion will be located on a 620 hectares of land in Kinyinya Sector, Gasabo District with a system that prevents environmental degradation and air pollution.

The funding for the project will come from different stakeholders. Currently, the Rwanda Green Fund, with the financial support of the German Development Cooperation through the KfW Development Bank, is undertaking a feasibility study for the project. The Rwanda Green Fund contracted Sweco, a European engineering and architecture firm, to support the implementation of the project.

“When studies get completed later this year, we will start the implementation of the project, beginning with key infrastructure such as water, electricity and roads which will also benefit neighbouring communities,” said Kayumba, adding, “the project will not displace low-income earners, rather the proposed city will be built in such a way that low-income earners will be empowered. In fact, a section of the green city will be earmarked for low-income earners,” Kayumba said.

According to Kayumba, the project serves as a yardstick in showing the viability of green cities in Rwanda and in revealing elements that could be replicated in the development of secondary cities across the country with green technologies and innovations for green and climate resilient urbanisation.

While the rest of the world is finally waking up to the effects of global warming and the positives of making policies around environmental conservation, Rwanda is currently being celebrated as the third greenest city in the world and the United Nations declared Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, as the most beautiful city in Africa.

Wakanda is a fictional African nation created in the Marvel universe. Wakanda is located in East Africa although its exact location has varied throughout its publication history.

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