The Wohnmaschine, a tinyhouse version of the Dessau bauhaus conceived by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, in front of the original workshop wing. The miniature version will be home, platform, stage and library during the programme in Dessau | Photo: SAVVY Contemporary

On the Subject of Design; “Questioning Coloniality in Design Theory and Practice.”
Conversations with Elsa Westreicher

In the framework of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus which took place @ Dessau, Germany
We met with Elsa Westreicher of the Design Department of Savvy Contemporary, the Laboratory of Form-Ideas, An Artspace located in Berlin.

The DESIGN DEPARTMENT at SAVVY Contemporary starts from a place of severe astonishment: how can it be, that the general design discourse has largely been untouched by questions on past and present coloniality, despite efforts being made from several sides? How can it be that precisely that practice that forms our everyday lives, habits and desires more intimately and continuously than any other, has somehow been kept immune to the outcries and endeavours of other disciplines to undo eurocentric biases, (neo-)colonial relationships as well as violent silences and silencings? [1]

The DESIGN DEPARTMENT was initiated in 2018 by Elsa Westreicher, graphic designer at SAVVY Contemporary since 2014, and had its first yet un-framed implementation during a workshop at the Royal College of Art upon invitation by Dr. Rathna Ramanathan in 2017. In 2019 the design department will be the main actor at SAVVY Contemporary to initiate a school of design in Kinshasa (DRC) that will be “exported” to Berlin for one month, in the framework of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus.

Listen to the broadcast today @ 18:30pm Berlin Time.

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