(Checkmate Mido as part of Box of Beats KE during the ADA Creative Studios artist showcase at the Alchemist in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo credits Joose Digital, November 2017)

Checkmate Mido (the dancing poet) is a performing artist(Musician/Poet/Rapper/Beatboxer) and certified trainer of the performing arts based in Nairobi, Kenya.

He is widely known for his unique gift of merging different art forms together to create aninteresting, interactive and engaging performance. Writing in English, Swahili and Sheng (Kenyan Slang), he considers himself ‘a carrier of stories’, his work borrows from life, life experiences (his and others’) which he then creatively collects and weaves together through collaboration and music.

He has facilitated numerous poetry performance workshops in Nairobi including one with Bassey Ikpi (Def Jam Poetry Star) in 2015 and performed with global poet/hiphop artist Akua Naru during her Kenyan leg of African Tour in 2016.

His poems and songs have been featured on BBC (Focus On Africa and Arts Hour), Badilisha Poetry and SPOKEN WOR:L:DS (see link for more: https://spokenworlds.bandcamp.com/album/spoken-wor-l-ds-nairobi-berlin).

He is the founder and one half of the band ‘box Of beats Ke’ with which he recorded and released the well received ‘Box of Beats EP’ (2016)

He is set to release a full length album titled FREQUENCY in 2019

The Program will be broadcasted on Saturday 19.01.2018 @ 12:00pm Berlin Time

You can also listen to Checkmate Mido’s works on Soundcloud @ https://soundcloud.com/checkmate-mido