A Brief Portraiture of Dr. Adal Ag Rhoubeid.

Dr. Adal Rhoubeid

Young, energetic and a visionary with a solid foundational background rooted in the rich heritages of his culture and the universality of man and the human family, Dr. Rhoubeid believes in the transformation of the people’s consciousness via a diligent, meticulous and sustained process of collaborative and participatory activities in all areas of our human life which leads to more awareness, sensitivity, care and civic responsibilities to one’s society and human societies world wide.

Dr. Adal Rhoubeid is a current minister and Special Advisor of the President of the Republic of Niger. He is also the elected President of the Democratic Movement for Renewal Tarna, a Nigerien political party.
Dr. Rhoubeid holds a Medical Degree from Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey and has practiced general medicine since 2008.
Although Dr. Rhoubeid is a relatively young politician, having entered the political arena only six years ago, he has more than 10 years of experience in advocacy and conflict resolution and is focused on peace building. In addition, Dr. Rhoubeid is committed to causes that effect women and children and is associated with humanitarian organizations such as ONG ASCD, and The Blessing Project. Given his medical background, Dr. Rhoubeid continues to promote the need for access to medical assistance in remote areas of Niger and west Africa and has assisted with establishing medical centres and clinics in such locations.

Dr. Adal Rhoubeid

Dr. Rhoubeid believes that a better world is not only necessary, but is possible, if it comes from grass route efforts and is developed from the bottom – up.
As such, he has entered the presidential race for Niger’s upcoming elections December 2020) in order to effectuate positive change in his homeland, with a platform focused on the ideals of justice, democracy, preventing extremism in Sahel and in the Sahara, and promoting prosperity for all citizens.