Bambili To Play A Key Role in South Africa’s Hydrogen Future

Bambili Energy, part of South African investment firm Bambili Group, has said it will provide guidance on accelerating the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell technologies in South Africa.

To further strengthen Bambili’s hydrogen efforts, South Africa’s Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), has also invited the hydrogen fuel cell specialist, along with other companies present in the sector, to participate in the South African Hydrogen Society Roadmap development.

The roadmap is seen as South Africa’s pathway towards its vision of integrating hydrogen within its economy, motivated by the benefits that would occur as a result. The DSI, along with an interdepartmental committee, is currently working to develop the map.

“As a valued key stakeholder, the Bambili Group’s contribution and participation is vital given the potential impact that they hydrogen economy could have on South Africa’s economic recovery post-COVID-19,” said Phil Mjwara, Director-General of the DSI, in a letter to Executive Chairperson of Bambili Group Zanele Mavuso Mbatha.

The DSI is currently implementing the cabinet-approved Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) strategy through the fifteen-year research, development and innovation HySA Programme, which is aimed at developing hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.